It’s cold outside: how to navigate the Soft Launch storm by Fran Bravo

September 8, 2023

👨‍💻 Fran Bravo from Zeptolab, Head of Midcore Games gave a great talk in our F2P Campus about how to navigate the soft launch storm.

💡 The main goal of a soft launch is to first get the game ready for a few lucky users and test it in the real world. This process is necessary to see how users engage with the game and to make further tweaks.

👉 Fran went over the main elements to consider when launching a game, like bringing users quickly into the game with an engaging tutorial, testing the monetization mechanisms, finetuning game mechanics based on user data, and keeping them hooked with new content.

👀🚀 He showed the audience some of the bestsoft launch strategies, the kind of data to look at when running a soft launch, and explained how to use this data to improve your game and have a successful global rollout.

Fran also suggested to have a proactive approach in measuring performance: by tracking the KPIs from the start, and keeping the team informed, it’s much easier to understand what’s going on and act accordingly.

Fran Bravo´s #PUBLICTALKATF2P was a great success and an invaluable resource for developers, helping them not only navigate the soft launch storm, but also to keep their game alive and popular ⚔👾✨