Here are the experienced professionals that will help you improve the chances of your game succeeding in the marketplace.
Jon Beltran de Heredia
Jon Beltran de HerediaFree-to-play game analytics expert
Developer, author, entrepreneur. Games industry professional since 1997, specialized in free-to-play game analytics since 2013.
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Raúl Herrero
Raúl HerreroFree-to-play games development and production expert
Game developer, producer, entrepreneur. Games industry professional since 1999, specialized in free-to-play games production since 2011.
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Javier Barnes
Javier BarnesGame economy & F2P monetization expert
Sr. Product Manager at King. Former Sr. Product Manager at Tilting Point, Game Lead at Social Point.
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Eva Lara
Eva LaraCharacter Designer - Concept Artist
Character designer with more than 10 years of experience in cartoon Style , manga and semi-realistic styles.
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Patricia Márquez
Patricia MárquezPh.D. in Computer Vision. Data Scientist
Game Data Scientist at Social Point, Business Intelligence Analyst at Digital Origin, Data Analyst at Ubisoft.
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Eugene Yailenko
Eugene YailenkoCreative Director specialized in free-to-play
Creative Director at ZeptoLab. Designed CATS, King of Thieves, Cut the Rope 2
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Alba Iniesta
Alba IniestaFree-to-play product management, UX and design expert
Product manager and UX designer at Scopely. Formerly UX & Game Designer at King.
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Fran Bravo
Fran BravoFree-to-play product expert
Head of Product at Ten Square Games. Formerly: Head of Live Games at Zeptolab, Lead Game designer at Gameloft and DeNA.
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Andrés Tallos
Andrés TallosFree-to-play game business specialist
Former Director of Business Strategy EMEA for the Japanese videogames giant GREE Inc. Founder of independent free-to-play game studio Everguild.
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Nacho Pintos
Nacho PintosLead Game Designer - Specialized in Mechanics and Narrative
Game Designer en BANDAI NAMCO Mobile
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Amir Rajan
Amir Rajan Indie game developer extraordinaire
Creator of ‘A Dark Room’, #1 iOS app store game in 2014, among other successful indie games.
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Carlos Coronado
Carlos CoronadoIndie game developer extraordinaire
Independent game creator. Author of Infernium (PS4, Switch, PC), Annie Amber, MIND: Path to Thalamus and Warcelona.
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Carlos García
Carlos GarcíaFree-to-play games design, production, liveops and monetization
Co-Founder at Evil Zeppelin, Game Designer and Producer
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Aleix Risco
Aleix RiscoGame designer F2P & Blockchain Games
Co-founder and Game designer at Evil Zeppelin
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Oscar Sahun
Oscar SahunProducer and Game Designer
Program manager and producer at GameBCN Incubation Program
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Isabel Tallos
Isabel TallosArtist and photographer
Renowned artist and photographer having made the move to lead artist of successful free-to-play videogames.

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Dan Syrotynsky
Dan SyrotynskyGames developer, producer and founder
Co-founder and developer at Vectormonk, creators of global success AMAZE! game with 70MM downloads. Participant in F2P Campus 2018.
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Jon Aristi
Jon AristiInnovation consultant, pioneer inventor of idea management and crowdsoursing systems
Director of Sage Ideas at SAGE
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Manel Sort
Manel SortFree-to-play games executive, founder and investor
CEO & co-founder of G4AL. Formerly VP and GM of Digital Chocolate Barcelona, VP and GM King Barcelona.
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Mathias Royer
Mathias RoyerFree-to-play mobile games executive
SVP Product & GM Barcelona for Tilting Point. Expert managing successful free-to-play mobile games, from casual tycoon and idle games to mid-core hack and slash titles.
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Guillaume Verlinden
Guillaume VerlindenFree-to-play mobile games executive
Managing director at Kolibri Games (Ubisoft). Formerly VP of products at Tilting Point. Former VP Product at Social Point, managing market-leading games Dragon City and Monster Legends at Social Point.
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Xavier Guardiola
Xavier GuardiolaPhD in Physics, science lover, great creative and entrepreneur
Data Science Director at King
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Leo Alcivar
Leo AlcivarData Scientist with a bachelor’s degree in Economics
Marketing Data Scientist at Social Point
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