Here are the experienced professionals that will help you improve the chances of your game succeeding in the marketplace.
Jon Beltran de Heredia
Jon Beltran de HerediaFree-to-play game analytics expert.
Developer, author, entrepreneur. Games industry professional since 1997, specialized in free-to-play game analytics since 2013.
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Raúl Herrero
Raúl HerreroFree-to-play games development and production expert.
Game developer, producer, entrepreneur. Games industry professional since 1999, specialized in free-to-play games production since 2011.
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Joony Koo
Joony KooFree-to-play monetization expert.
Pioneer of free-to-play games monetization starting at Com2Us with the 2010 hit ‘Homerun Battle 3D’. Jury of the prestigious IMGA awards.
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Sven Liebich
Sven LiebichVP Art at Social Point
Game art and game production expert since 1997. Key artist, creative director, and senior producer for worldwide recognized games such as “The Settlers” (Ubisoft), “Lord of Ultima” at Electronic Arts, and many others.
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Stephane Assadourian
Stephane AssadourianGames Creativity & Production Expert
Founding member of the Assassins’ Creed franchise. 20 years veteran game developer with expertise in IP Development, Production & Processes and Creativity Management. Coach for anyone who wants to make games.
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Eugene Yailenko
Eugene YailenkoCreative Director specialized in free-to-play
Creative Director at ZeptoLab. Designed CATS, King of Thieves, Cut the Rope 2
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Sangpil Moon
Sangpil MoonData-driven free-to-play games specialist
Founder & CEO at Cogoo. Formerly at Devsisters and Nexon America.
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Gerard Fernandez
Gerard FernandezCo-founder and CEO of Omnidrone
Games industry expert since 2002. Founded Microjocs and grew it to €2 million annual revenue, then sold it to Digital Chocolate. VP and Studio GM for Digital Chocolate Barcelona. Cofounded Omnidrone in August 2013 and raised US $2 million from Nokia Growth Partners, London Venture Partners, and Kibo.
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Andrés Tallos
Andrés TallosFree-to-play game business specialist
Former Director of Business Strategy EMEA for the Japanese videogames giant GREE Inc. Founder of independent free-to-play game studio Everguild.
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Nacho Pintos
Nacho PintosLead Game Designer - Specialized in Mechanics and Narrative
Lead Game Designer at King (with an indie past!). Bubble Witch Saga 3, +55M downloads, 4.7 user rating.
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Amir Rajan
Amir Rajan Indie game developer extraordinaire.
Creator of ‘A Dark Room’, #1 iOS app store game in 2014, among other successful indie games.
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Carlos Coronado
Carlos CoronadoIndie game developer extraordinaire
Independent game creator. Author of Infernium (PS4, Switch, PC), Annie Amber, MIND: Path to Thalamus and Warcelona.
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Rafa Bernabé
Rafa BernabéMonetization-oriented game design expert
Took part in the design of several of the top free-to-play games developed in the last few years.
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Álvaro Rico
Álvaro RicoFree-to-play mobile game design expert
Lead designer of free-to-play games ‘Respawnables’ and ‘Afterpulse’, totalling over 50 million downloads.
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Julián Serravi
Julián SerraviFree to play game designer expert
Game Designer at Social Point. Working hard as Live Operations Designer in Dragon City (+50M downloads). Founder of the indie studio ‘Red Candle’.
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Isabel Tallos
Isabel TallosArtist and photographer
Renowned artist and photographer having made the move to lead artist of successful free-to-play videogames.

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Iñaki Amurrio
Iñaki AmurrioAnimation, Production and Creative Direction Expert
Head of Animation Studio at Zeppelin TV
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Jon Aristi
Jon AristiInnovation consultant, pioneer inventor of idea management and crowdsoursing systems
Director of Sage Ideas at SAGE
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Nathalie Martinez
Nathalie MartinezProducer, Wise Blue Animation Studios
Experienced producer, manager, leader and founder of independent live-action and animation studios and productions. Applying game technology to animation in her latest productions.
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Mathias Royer
Mathias RoyerGeneral Manager - Tilting Point Barcelona
Expert managing successful free-to-play mobile games, from casual tycoon and idle games to mid-core hack and slash titles.
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Guillaume Verlinden
Guillaume VerlindenVP-level free-to-play game product specialist
VP-level product and business specialist in the field of free-to-play mobile games, having managed market-leading games Dragon City and Monster Legends.
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Hannah Becker
Hannah BeckerStand-up comedian
Host and organizer of Hush Hush Comedy Barcelona.
Winner of Barcelona’s Funniest FICer, 2016
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