What kinds of teams can take part?

We are expecting teams of up to four people to physically participate in the campus. If your team includes more people, that is no problem, but they need to work remotely, or organize their own stay in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

What are the requirements for the game projects?

Games can be in any stage, although we should be able to see that the two months of intensive acceleration will help them have a real chance at being market successes. The games can be for any platform and of any genre. We ask that you are seriously considering free-to-play as the business model for your game, although you may decide differently in the end before launching your project. It is not necessary to launch the game at the end of the accelerator, although it is necessary to demo it to the audience present at the final ‘demo day’ event.

Is there any equity or revenue-share requirement?

None at all. This is a non-profit project created to push the games development ecosystem in the Basque Country. You will provide talent and know-how to the environment, if only via osmosis while interacting with it, and we hope you will spread the word about a good environment in which to do interesting things.

Do you supply computers or other development equipment?

Unfortunately, we can’t supply computers; you will need to bring your own development laptops, desktops, or other material. We will definitely provide you with good working desks and chairs, though, as well as a nice working space with great connectivity.

Is there any limitation to legal team structure?

Your team does not need to be incorporated as a company or any other type of organization, although it is no problem if it is. If the participants are employees of a company that will own the work, they should own a majority stake of the project, if not of the company. Take into account participation in the campus does not equal work in any regular legal sense, it’s just a creative effort supported by the campus organization.

Are there any other types of legal requirements?

We will ask you to sign a contract specifying that you have the right to use the IP of the game project you are working on, that you will stay in Vitoria-Gasteiz for the duration of the campus unless there is a major unexpected issue, that you will put in your best work to make the project succeed, and that your game will mention having been helped by the F2P Campus accelerator on your website and your games credits.


What is the period for applications?

The application period will be open until June 5, 2022.

When will selected teams be known?

The results of the selection process will be announced around mid-June.

When do we have to move to Vitoria-Gasteiz?

You need to be ready in Vitoria-Gasteiz by July 18th 2022, to take part in the small but important opening event, and the campus finishes on September 18. July is a very nice period to be in Vitoria-Gasteiz; with great weather and a fantastic international jazz festival, there is plenty of live music in the street, and traditional local festivities take place between July 25 and August 9.

What does the daily schedule look like?

You will have a working area available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The campus will also supply you 7 days a week with free breakfast, lunch and dinner (please let us know about any vegan, vegetarian, or other special dietary requirements, and we will do our best to accommodate). Mentors will come nearly every week for a couple days to help you with your project, and there will be a ‘permanent mentor’ who can help you with your project in office hours any weekday.

When does the campus end?

The campus is due to end towards the last week of September, when there will be a big ‘Demo day’ event. We will get as many relevant stakeholders from the games industry as we can to participate on that day. Your accommodation will end the Sunday after the Demo Day.


How do I get to Vitoria-Gasteiz?

From within Spain, taking a train is a good option (there are trains from all main cities). From anywhere else, the easiest way is probably to fly to Bilbao airport, and then take a bus to Vitoria-Gasteiz which is 70km away.

Do you cover travel expenses?

The campus has a budget to help with travel expenses, with the exact amount per participant to be confirmed once the application period begins. If the cost of your travel is higher, we will cover part of the trip up to the amount established in our conditions.

Where will we be staying?

The campus is supplying one nice apartment for every team of four. We can’t provide a private room for each participant, but we will make sure there are at least two rooms per team to offer different sharing options.

How far are the apartments from the work location?

It is about 10 mins on foot, which can be a nice walk in the warm weather of Vitoria-Gasteiz in the summer, or you can catch a bus that will get you there in about 5 mins. Even though the work location and the apartments are fully accessible, please check with us if there are any potential mobility issues, so that we can verify everything will be fine.

Is there any other service provided?

The apartments conveniently offer the campus participants access to their gym facilities, so that they can exercise to their heart’s content and keep their creative juices flowing.


What does the work area look like?

The work area is located in the EUNEIZ University campus, a privileged ecological environment in Vitoria-Gasteiz. You will have accreditation to move around the whole place during the day. It is like a separate little world where we expect your game can take shape as something very special.

Will we have a private working room for our team?

No, we will share the same room, although we will try to set up the work space so that each team can have a physically delineated working space. We will provide a meeting room, and there are plenty of areas in the museum building where you can have a private conversation or work session.

What’s the security like?

There are security personnel in the building 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


What mentorship will be offered?

First, there will be a permanent, very experienced professional from the games industry every weekday at the work location. You can discuss with them whichever game development topics come up and they will try to help. It won’t be the same person throughout the campus; there will be about three or four different mentors from different areas of expertise so that you have plenty of time to consult with them.

Apart from this main mentor, we are selecting a great team of mentors with great experience in the games industry, most of them specialized in the free-to-play business model (please check the mentors page for details). Approximately every week, we will bring one of them for one or two days. They will present a session explaining their understanding of their main area of expertise, and then they will be available to the teams to consult on specific areas related to their game projects.

Where do the mentors come from?

We are aiming at bringing the people with the most expertise from whatever country and whatever company they are at. We’re making sure we only include mentors who have responsibility in internationally-oriented products. We would also like to have the perspective of the worldwide games industry from all the relevant markets. Last year we had mentors from Spain, the US, China, South Korea and this year we will have a similarly diverse range of expert mentoring to offer our participants. Please check the mentors page for details.

What are the areas of expertise will be covered?

Here are the main areas we’ll ensure are covered by the different mentors:

  • Free-to-play monetization-oriented design
  • Free-to-play independent company business strategy
  • Game product design
  • Market-product fit
  • Marketing and communication
  • Production design
  • Art direction
  • Software development and engineering
  • Game publishing
  • Quality Assurance

It is impossible to cover all areas involved in a successful game product, but we will make pretty sure we cover as many as we can.