How to Keep Players Coming Back? by Javier Barnes

September 8, 2023

⚔👾 In this 2023 edition of F2P CAMPUS, we had the pleasure of hosting a stimulating talk by the brilliant game professional Javier Barnes.

👨‍💻 Barnes spoke on his vast experience as Lead Game Designer, Product Manager, and F2P Specialist.

He addressed the topic “Mastering Retention: How to Keep Players Coming Back”. In his discussion, Barnes highlighted the intricate patterns that make or break a game’s retention rate.

💡He outlined the highly important elements of a successful game that induce a meaningful, long-term engagement by the users. According to Barnes, strategically crafted core loops, diverse content, dynamically tailored feedback, inspiring progression, and access to friendly communities are the essential factors that keep players interested in the long run.

✅ Barnes offered proven best practices for creating an enjoyable and enduring gaming experience. He emphasized the importance of focusing on the player’s unique preferences and needs.

🗓 He suggested creating an evolving content calendar to keep in tune with the user’s evolving requirements. Furthermore, Barnes suggested the importance of constructing a positive feedback loop by rewarding users for their achievements.

Barnes’s engaging talk was definitely highly informative and a great experience for us at F2P CAMPUS ✨