9 practical tips for launching a new game with a small team

September 27, 2019

Sangpil Moon used his second public talk at the F2P Campus to share some practical tips for launching a new game with a small team. 

For those who don’t know him, Sangpil Moon is a data-driven free-to-play games specialist, and founder and CEO of Cogoo.

My advice last year was valid, but mainly applied to large companies. That’s why this year I want to focus on practical tips that are useful for small teams,” he said. “Tips that I apply to Cogoo myself when we launch a game.

Practical tips for publicizing your game at launch

One of the biggest problems for small teams is that they find it very difficult to know exactly what the performance of their game will be in terms of users and income. So, one of the first questions you have to ask yourself is: “Where will my players find my game?

The answers can be extremely varied: on the App Store/Google Play itself, searching online, on social media, on video or streaming platforms, on blogs/gaming media, or even in other games and ads. Although these aren’t the only ways: studies indicate that 52% of apps are downloaded on the recommendation of friends, family and coworkers. 

1. Choose the right game title

Before deciding on the name, check the popularity of the different options on Google Trends. This will make it easier for users to find it.

2. Create a booking page

When you are less than two months from the launch, you can create a booking page on the App Store that allows you to check how attractive the different icons, videos, descriptions and keywords are for users.

3. Optimize your booking page

Once it’s published and you start receiving the first reservations you can optimize it based on real data and not on assumptions or mockups.

4. Publish devlogs regularly in game communities

It’s a good way to make your game known and some players love to see how they progress. What’s more, you can link to your booking page and get more future downloads.

5. Run search ads at low bid prices

One way to boost your ranking position from a keyword search is to place ads on the App Store search page. Spending very little money can not only get you downloads, but also more information to keep optimizing your page.

6. Go to the media

If you have a booking page you don’t have to wait until the launch to go to the media and try to get them to talk about your game. Try to make attractive and different press releases and pitches.

7. Optimize the way you appear on Google or YouTube

People will not only look for your game in the store, they will also look for it on search engines like Google and even on video platforms like YouTube. It is therefore not only important to appear among the top results, but also to do so in an attractive way.

8. Be consistent

Everything is connected and users will see your game in many different places, so it is essential that you are consistent in the way that you appear. Have all logos, screenshots and descriptions up to date.

9. Have more than one tool for checking data

When analyzing performance, it is very important to have at least two data analysis tools in order to be able to check the data provided by both. That way you avoid nasty surprises.

Following all these tips, Moon got over 10,000 downloads on the first day alone. A figure that can put you into the top 200 on the App Store and get your game off to a flying start.