Patricia Márquez and Leonardo Alcivar on F2P Campus 2022: “Don’t forget to use data data to validate your hypothesis so you can iterate with actual knowledge of what is going on”.

August 17, 2022

On August 11 we had the opportunity to hear  and Leonardo Alcivar Wong who both work at Socialpoint.

Patricia works as a Game Data Scientist at Social Point and she previously worked as Business Intelligence Analyst at Digital Origin as well as Data Analyst at Ubisoft. Leonardo, on the other hand, works as Marketing Data Scientist at Social Point.

They both talked about the importance of game analytics and they highlighted the importance of motivation when creating a game as well as validating all the hypothesis you have.

Of course, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to interview them and get to know a little more about them and their knowdledge.

F2P Campus (F): Tell us a little bit about yourself and let us know which game have you been playing on your way to Vitoria-Gasteiz?

(P): I am Patricia and I currently work in Social Point in the analytics team and I am a game data scientist. In the way to Vitoria-Gasteiz we were in the car so we did not play any game but one of my current favourite game is Cookie Run Kingdom.

(L): My name is Leo and I am a Marketing Data Scientist at Social Point but I was also a Game Data Scientist before. I would say one of my favourite mobile games is Clash Royale as I was super addicted to it.

F2P Campus (F): What advice would you give someone who is making a free-to-play game?

(L): First, that they should not obsess themselves to get like the top hit the very first attempt, because it is very difficult when you check the charges what you will see is that the majority of top hits have been there for decades already. They thought a matter to keep attempting and every time you iterate improving a little bit, so it is a matter of resiliency.

(P): And use data to validate your hypothesis so you can iterate with actual knowledge of what is going on.

F2P Campus (F): Why do you think the F2P Campus is important?

(L): So what I think it makes the campus special is that you mix here teams that are at very different stages of development. Some teams have already published the games, others are in the beginning or just creating the concepts, so that helps each others to understand the industry better. Also, the mentors that you have come from different areas and you can see some people from user acquisition as from data science some other people from game design and you realize that gaming world is not just about designing a game, it also has many different professionals working on it.

(P): I agree with him.

F2P Campus (F): How do you see the teams?

(L): I think that they have what is necessary in this industry: motivation. They are super motivated and have lots of hope that their app will work. That is what matters in the end, because as I was telling you in the beginning, this industry is all about trying, failing, keeping up and then working again, and I think that is the most important thing.

(P): I see that they are really engaged with their project, which is super important. But also, there is always how they are going to start rolling the ball, which is the next step they are going to be facing. We are looking forward to seeing those projects grow a lot!

Many thanks to Patricia and Leo for answering the F2P Campus’s questions!