Unveiling the Game Production Process by Nacho Marín

August 25, 2023

🎮 Exploring the intricate world of video game development, Nacho Marin, the Game Manager at Gameloft, took center stage at F2P Campus on August 24th. 🌟 The event, hosted from 18:30 to 20:00 at Montehermoso’s Sala Ortuño, delved into the often overlooked yet critical aspect of game production for small teams.

🚀 Marin’s presentation emphasized that while small teams are brimming with creativity, they often overlook the significance of production. This misconception assumes that a great game will naturally come to fruition. However, Marin expertly navigated the audience through potential pitfalls, from tight timelines to unforeseen challenges. The cornerstone of his approach? The custom roadmap — a tailored guide to game success, aligning with the unique attributes of the game and the team’s capabilities. 🗺️🛤️

🌐 Through clear examples and insightful anecdotes, Marin underscored the importance of meticulous planning. He shared actionable advice, advocating for transparent communication within teams, setting achievable goals, and embracing adaptability. Attendees left with tangible strategies that can elevate their game development journeys. 🚀📚