Meet the 5 teams that will participate in the second edition of the F2P Campus

July 12, 2019

After receiving more than 19 applications from 11 countries, finally Evil Zeppelin, PWNRS, Red Meat Games, Tuokio and Unnyhog are the teams that have been chosen to take part in the second edition of the F2P Campus.

From Barcelona (Spain) comes the Evil Zeppelin team who are working on Quest 4 Fuel, a turn-based RPG set in a dark, post-apocalyptic world fighting for control of the infinite fuel source.

The PWNRS team comes from Belgrade (Serbia), where they are working on Football Clash Arena (iOS, Android): ‘The most badass PvP turn-based football strategy you will ever play’. 

The Red Meat Games team arrives from Canada to work on Sentience,  their latest game after working on titles such as Bring To Light, Cube Samurai: Run, Wits and Warfare, First Impact: Rise of a Hero and Crave Trivia.

Boom Slingers is the game the Tuokio team are developing in Tampere (Finland). An online multiplayer turn-based title with a combat system inspired by Worms artillery and card games.

Last but not least, the Unnyhog team arrives in Vitoria-Gasteiz from Russia. Their game, Hero Masters (iOS, Android) is a fantasy game in which you fight battles drawing runes on the screen.

We hope you’ll enjoy your stay in Vitoria-Gasteiz!