Meet the team: Unnyhog, the creators behind Hero Masters

September 24, 2019

After going through accelerators such as Y Combinator and Startup Chile during the development of UnnyWorld, their first title, the Unnyhog team landed in Vitoria-Gasteiz this summer to improve their second title: Hero Masters (iOS, Android), a fantasy game in which you fight battles drawing runes on the screen.

To learn more about their project and company, we interviewed Pavel Ignatov (CEO), Margarita Belorukova (COO) and Andrei Apanasik (CTO).

F2P Campus (F): How did the idea of the game come up?

Hero Masters is a spin-off of our previous game. We thought that the fantasy setting and the cartoon style we have fits perfectly with modern mobile RPG games like ‘Summoners War’ and ‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’. So we decided to create such a game.Β 

F: What’s the game about? What makes it special?

Hero Masters is a hero collectible game, where a player sets out on a journey in a huge universe. They need to explore tiny planets, fight deadly creatures and claim forbidden treasure to assemble the most power team of heroes.Β 

F: What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned at the F2P Campus?

This was a completely refreshing experience. Every conversation with each mentor leaves a lot to think about. We learned how important and how different the development is when you’re surrounded by so many talented and smart people who are helping you to achieve goals.

F: Why did you choose free-to-play as a business model?

Because this business model dominates the mobile gaming market and we always saw ourselves as a big international company.

If you don’t want to miss any news about Unnyhog and Hero Masters, take a look at their website.