Meet the team: Evil Zeppelin, the creators behind Quest 4 Fuel

September 24, 2019

Evil Zeppelin, from Barcelona, is the studio behind Quest 4 Fuel, a turn-based RPG set in a dark, post-apocalyptic world fighting for control of the infinite fuel source.

The current team is comprised of Carlos García (Producer), Aleix Risco (Game Designer), Victor Álvarez (Game Programmer) and Diego Gutierrez (Game Programmer). A quartet of developers with more than four years of experience and eager to conquer the world. They are not the only ones who have participated in the development of Quest 4 Fuel: Alex Miralles, Dani Caballero, Diego del Castillo, Dani Parejo, Bea Alonso and Sergio Iglesias have also worked hard on the project.

To get to know the history of the game and this team, we gave them a little interview.

F: How did the idea of the game come up?

We wanted to make an RPG game with an original IP. Build the foundation that any RPG mobile game has to have and give it a unique aesthetic. As a video game studio, we want to specialize in that genre. We hope that Quest 4 Fuel is the first of many.

F: What’s the game about? What makes it special?

Quest 4 Fuel is a dystopian turn-based RPG game in a dark post-apocalyptic world that fights for the control of infinite fuel.

You have more than 45 characters to recruit, train and upgrade, and four different game modes: Story, Challenges, Arena and Events. Defeat all the bosses and fight in the Arena for control of the fuel.

What makes it special? The cartoon dark post-apocalyptic art style in a genre saturated with medieval fantasy.

Also, the movement of the fights is not very common in the genre and give it a fresh style.

F: What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned at the F2P Campus?

In terms of the game, to create a better experience for the player during the first few sessions. That the player understands the objectives of the game well in the short, medium and long term and that the game motivates him or her to reach them.Β 

We had many interesting meetings with top developers on how to run a game and a successful studio.

F: Why did you choose free-to-play as a business model?

We like the game as a service model. As the game is free, it allows us to reach a large audience. There is nothing more beautiful than evolving and creating content for the game that your players will enjoy for years.

If you don’t want to miss any news about Evil Zeppelin and Quest 4 Fuel, take a look at their website.