Our application process is closed

  • You should be working on a game project. The stage of the project should be such that the help we can provide over 2 months may significantly improve the chances of it succeeding.
  • You should be at least considering free-to-play as the business model to make your game successful in the marketplace.
  • You should have a team including up to four key people in the development of the game who are willing to relocate to Vitoria-Gasteiz from July 17 to September 17, 2023 and focus on the project. It’s OK if there are other people in the team collaborating remotely, or if more members wish to move to Vitoria-Gasteiz for that period of time, although we can only cover the costs for up to four people.
  • Your team should be fluent in English.
  • You should be willing to allow us to expose your project through the F2P Campus promotion mechanisms: write-ups, images and videos posted on the F2P Campus blog, participation in the ‘Demo Day’ at the end, etc.
  • Finally, you need to prepare a pitch of your team and project that we can use to evaluate your application when selecting the best possible participants. See the details below.

    If you need any other information about the F2P Campus, you can write to us at We will be very happy to talk to you!