Mentors and partners F2P campus accelerator Vitoria Gasteiz 2018

Mentors and partners F2P campus accelerator Vitoria Gasteiz 2018 2018-04-30T10:19:19+00:00
Here are the experienced professionals that will help you improve the chances of your game succeeding in the marketplace.
Jon Beltran de Heredia
Jon Beltran de HerediaFree-to-play game analytics expert.
Developer, author, entrepreneur. Games industry professional since 1997, specialized in free-to-play game analytics since 2013.
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Raúl Herrero
Raúl HerreroFree-to-play games development and production expert.
Game developer, producer, entrepreneur. Games industry professional since 1999, specialized in free-to-play games production since 2011.
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Joony Koo
Joony KooFree-to-play monetization expert.
Pioneer of free-to-play games monetization starting at Com2Us with the 2010 hit ‘Homerun Battle 3D’. Jury of the prestigious IMGA awards.
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Kim Krogh
Kim KroghGame Design, Product and Studio Specialist for 20+ years
Studio Game Director at King (Malmo, Sweden).
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Amir Rajan
Amir Rajan Indie game developer extraordinaire.
Creator of ‘A Dark Room’, #1 iOS app store game in 2014, among other successful indie games.
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Sangpil Moon
Sangpil MoonData-driven free-to-play games specialist
Founder & CEO at Cogoo. Formerly at Devsisters and Nexon America.
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Eugene Yailenko
Eugene YailenkoLead game designer specialized in free-to-play
Lead Game Designer at ZeptoLab. Designed CATS, King of Thieves, Cut the Rope 2
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Alexander Paschall
Alexander PaschallCommunity management specialist
Professor at ENTI. Former Epic Games Unreal Engine Community Manager.
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Gina Tost
Gina Tost Print, radio and TV journalist specialized in videogames
Renowned videogames journalist, author of ‘Vida Extra’ book on videogame design, and founder of Geenapp mobile app monetization platform.
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Andrés Tallos
Andrés TallosFree-to-play game business specialist
Former Director of Business Strategy EMEA for the Japanese videogames giant GREE Inc. Founder of independent free-to-play game studio Everguild.
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Rafa Bernabé
Rafa BernabéMonetization-oriented game design expert
Took part in the design of several of the top free-to-play games developed in the last few years.
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Francisco Javier Soler
Francisco Javier SolerAAA games art direction expert
Responsible for mentoring a large number of student projects between 2012 and 2018, including the successful ‘Rolling Bob” for PlayStation 4.
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Isabel Tallos
Isabel TallosArtist and photographer
Renowned artist and photographer having made the move to lead artist of successful free-to-play videogames.

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Álvaro Rico
Álvaro RicoFree-to-play mobile game design expert
Lead designer of free-to-play games ‘Respawnables’ and ‘Afterpulse’, totalling over 50 million downloads.
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Kait Paschall
Kait PaschallAccessibility & Education Evangelist
Educational and learning Unreal Engine material at Epic Games.
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Funded by:

Supported by:

 Arabako Foru Aldundia - Diputacion Foral de Alava Ayuntamiento de Vitoria-Gasteiz-ko Udala

Coordinated by:

BasquegameGaia BIC Araba

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With the collaboration of:

Euskaltel  Fundación Vital Fundazioa AWS Activate AzPlay

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